We make our subscribers feel connected to what is going on in art on Vancouver Island by publishing a monthly email newsletter of exhibitions and art events worth seeing each month.

The galleries that we make a point to cover, are galleries that have been identified by the artists and arts professionals we consulted with as we set out to create Exhibitions Worth Seeing. These artists are professionals, established and emerging artists, and/or artists who aspire towards professionalism, who are all dedicated artistic practitioners who engage deeply with their work and the exhibitions they like to take in on Vancouver Island. 

The quality and ability to present at the most professional levels of artistic exhibition excellence varies greatly from community to community on Vancouver Island. From larger artistic communities, like Victoria, where there are many venues that employ professional curators and gallery staff, to much smaller outfits, all over the island, that are artist-run, volunteer-based operations. 

Part of this conversation too centres around the different kinds of art galleries on the island - there is not just one kind! We have public art galleries, commercial galleries, artist-run centres, artist co-operatives, community galleries and everything in between.

And each of these kinds of galleries operate on a different set of values and beliefs that guide their activities. Public education. Saleability. Experimentation. Representation / inclusion. Community Development. Cultural enrichment. Exclusivity. 

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Exhibitions Worth Seeing