Showing your art can be daunting. 

With this workshop, you’ll learn the rules of the road to find the exhibition opportunities that are absolutely right for
you -- because some won’t be! 

Learn about all the different kinds of art galleries out there, the common misunderstandings artists have about how art galleries work, and the fork in the road that many artists face over the course of their careers that you too may be staring at. 


This is the course I wish that every artist, client and student I’ve ever worked with could have taken.

From Katie:

No one else is teaching this stuff this way.

I mean, it’s taken me 15 years to figure it out and I have a Master’s degree in visual arts and worked in and showed my own work with most of the kinds of galleries I want to teach people about. 

Really, this is the BIGGEST misconception that artists have about galleries: that they are ALL THE SAME, when really they each work very differently. 

And that you can save yourself a whole lot of time and money and heartache if you know about that. 

Because, sadly, there are some kinds of art that will never show at certain kinds of galleries. But no one tells artists which is which… which can be very frustrating and disheartening! 

So, let me save you all the trouble and take this course, and I’ll teach you which kind of gallery your work is absolutely perfect for. 

You'll learn:

  • Common Myths Artists Have About Art Galleries

  • That There is More than One Definition of What a "Professional Artist" is

  • All the Different Kinds of Art Galleries Out There

  • How Each Type of Art Gallery Benefits AND Hinders Artists

  • Test Your Knowledge About Art Galleries

  • Instructor(s)

    Instructor Bio:

    Katie Brennan is an art consultant, artist, educator and creative entrepreneur who sees things a little differently. With a BFA and a MFA under her belt, Katie has years of experience of looking at the art world, art education and how to be an artist from all sides. She offers enthusiastic and hopeful advice and tools for artists and organizations who are tired of trying to do things the right way, and are looking for a better way to work, and become the artists or organizations they have always been meant to be.

    Katie Brennan

    Artist & Art Consultant

    Katie Brennan

Hear what others think about this course:

“I was surprised to learn that there are different galleries and the difference between them.”

“If you are new or out of the game, like myself, this course has valuable information that you need to know!”

“Katie is a fantastic idea catalyst and a knowledgeable expert in her field. She made great use of the online platform, and she held a safe comforting space.”

“Yea! I was challenged to think for myself - for example, the starting question: why do I make art...I want to show it to people?! Also, really slowing down to examine art institutions - which I haven't for years. I enjoyed waking up to the fact that I want to do things differently?!”



Conversation from the

Out of the 3 live sessions put on for this course, came some really great conversation and some even greater questions. 

So I've pick out the 3 that generated the most interest and included the answers here in the on-demand version of this course as a bonus for you :)

Bonus Material - Your Questions Answered!

  • Question #1

    What to do with work after a solo show?

  • Questions #2

    How will going with a commercial gallery effect my pricing?

  • Bonus material

    Just how can what’s on my CV effect my chances?


  • How is this course taught?

    This course is delivered via video and online quizzes.

  • What is included?

    An hour's worth video content, downloadable notes and bonus materials. Plus a FREE QUIZ... that you can access before you even sign up!

  • How long can I access this course for?

    90 days.

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Now you know which kind of exhibition opportunities are right for you, but how do you actually find them? 

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Learn which ones are your cup of tea! 

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